RF Therapeutics Inc.




The Company

RF Therapeutics Inc. has been incorporated federally since 2006 and obtained "Eligible Small Business" status; under BC's Venture Capital Program. In addition, the company is an "Eligible Business Corporation" (EBC) and, as such, is qualified to raise up to $5 million in eligible equity capital.


The company's first milestone was to produce stable, pure batches of the CA with a clear contrast ratio of at least 1.5. The batches have now been consistently made of high purity with a contrast ratio of 1.7. The contrast ratio is the number of times brighter the tissue of interest is compared to surrounding tissue.

Currently, RF Therapeutics Inc. is conducting animal work at the University of British Columbia (UBC) using a model of reperfused cardiac damage (to mimic a heart attack) and MRI.

The Market

The imaging agent market was US $3.9 billion worldwide in 2004 and predicted to be US $5.2 billion by 2009 (C & E N July 2005). Of that figure, it is estimated that US $1.2 billion is due to MRI contract agents, growing to $2.1 billion by 2009.

MRI contract agents are used in approaching 50% of all procedures using that technique and growing.